Violess Vision

Supporting refugees to thrive and create a less violent world

Believe in Peace

Our organization promotes peacebuilding and upholds human rights principles, specifically for refugees. We are deeply committed to fostering an environment of understanding, tolerance, and cooperation for them. Regardless of their background, gender, religion, race, or political beliefs, we aim to empower and support them to rebuild their lives and pursue a brighter future. Through awareness campaigns and targeted projects, we work towards creating a world where refugees find safety, acceptance, and opportunities for sustainable development, ultimately contributing to more harmonious and inclusive individuals in the community.

Where we Serve

Our primary operations center is in Germany. We also plan to work at the EU, in addition to Syrian Refugees camps in neighbouring countries of Syria, in the future.

Empowering refugees in skill development and experience in host community through: 

Working on Seamless Integration

We are committed to helping refugees adjust to their new life by addressing their emotional struggles and difficulties. We understand that moving to a new place can be tough for them, so we focus on giving them the support they need to feel better mentally and emotionally during this difficult time.

Empowering Participation

Investing in Refugee Capabilities and Talents; Where we aim to empower refugees by investing in their capabilities and talents. Through specialized programs, education, and skill development, we aim to enable their active participation in the community, fostering a more enriched society.

Promoting Inclusivity

We believe in bringing people together and promoting harmony by encouraging open conversations, positive interactions, and acceptance of each other's differences. Our goal is to create a friendly and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued, regardless of their background. Through understanding and compassion, we aim to build bridges between communities and break down barriers, fostering a united and harmonious society for all.

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